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Just rad and nice color coded charts! Dong-Ping Wong of @pluspoolny speaks at DesignTalk: Learning to Hurdle via @percolate #swimNY


In Dual-Track Scrum the Product Owner, Designer and Lead Engineer are continuously in discovery mode, creating and validating stories that will then be added to the development team’s backlog. From my experience, that validation is the key to a happy development team and a well-groomed backlog.
From the super insightful bryanrees on Continuous Discovery
Who am I designing for? The rational, composed, perfectly-in-control savant? The expert automaton, programmed to complete each task flawlessly? Or the messy, error-prone, distracted human? Remembering my own catastrophes, disasters, and bone-headed moves helps me be more sensitive to the fact that they happen for everyone—even the people who use the products I design.
from the ever so awesome Karen McGrane at The Manual